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Home reading

Reading with your child at home

Reading has always been an important skill. In our modern world it is more important than ever.

Children learn about the importance of reading as they watch family members use reading and writing for everyday purposes. Reading with your child at home will help your child in all learning areas at school.

Children see you reading and writing in everyday life - reading for pleasure, sharing a story with your child, using a recipe, making a shopping list, writing a birthday card or reading a street sign. This teaches children that reading and writing are useful skills in today's world.

Often parents are asked by the school to listen to their child read at home. It's a good way of supporting your child's reading. Books may be borrowed from the classroom, school library or your local library.

Click on the link below for some helpful hints on reading with your child at home:

Coopernook School has purchased the DVDs mentioned in this clip and are available for borrowing by parents/carers.

All students are provided with a Home Reading Diary where nights of reading are recorded and returned to school regularly.